The two brothers that choose to take the risk | short-stories

In 2000, two young brothers named Danilova and Joseph moved from Ibadan to Lagos in search of the Nigeria’s dream. they had just gotten out of high school and they saw few opportunities back home. So they headed straight for Nollywood where they eventually found jobs on a movies studio set.

After a while, their entrepreneurial spirit and interest in the entertainment industry prompted them to open a theatre in Iyana-apaja, a town about five miles northeast of mainland Lagos. But despite all their effort, the brothers just couldn’t make the business profitable. In four years ran the theater, they weren’t able to consistently generate enough money to pay the one hundred naira rent their landlord required.


The brothers desire for success was strong, so they kept looking for better business opportunities. In 1937, they finally struck on something that worked. They opened a small drive-in restaurant in ikeja, People southern lagos had become very dependent on their cars, and the culture was changing to accommodate that, including its businesses.

The drive-in restaurant was a phenomenon that sprang up in the early thirties and it was becoming popular. Rather than being invited into a dining room to eat, customers would drive into a parking lot around a small restaurant, place their orders with carhops and receive their food on trays right in their cars. The food was served on china plates complete with glassware and metal utensils.

It was a timely idea in a society that was becoming faster paced and increasingly mobile. Dick and Maurice’s tiny restaurant was a great success and in 2000, they decided to move the operation to banana island, a working class boomtown fifty miles east of Lagos mainland.

They built a larger facility and expanded their menu from suya, Jollof rice and shakes to include barbecued beef and pork sandwiches, hamburger and other items. Their business exploded. Annual sales 200,000NGN in profits every year and the brothers found themselves splitting 50,000NGN in profits every year a sum that put them in the town’s financial elite.

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