How to keep your brain Healthy | a complete guilde

Does what you take in ready matter? Well, this is an obvious question with obvious answer. Yes, it does really matter! Also, you may be thinking we are going to give some ‘herbs’ to help you with your memory, well, we are not going to that. So, keep in mind brain food, is very important.

We must also consider what goes on in the brain, how does the brain ages? From gestation to old age. We should also note that we can’t stay the same, we all are going to age, it’s part of the process of growth-an inevitable sequence of life that will occur.

facts about alzheimer's disease

  1. 60-80% of all dementia reported is Alzheimer’s disease
  2. 1 in every 5 people over 80, and 1 in every 3 people over 90, have dementia
  3. Globally, 35.6million people live with dementia
  4. By 2050. 115.4 million are predicted to have it
  5. The US has seen a 55-fold increase in age adjusted death rates for Alzheimer’s disease during past 3 decades. (according to CDC)

question for you

  1. EDUCATION: constant learning keep your brain active
  2. EXERCISE: walk rapidly for 45 mimutes three times a week
  3. REST: sleeping 8 hours a night may help prevent memory loss
  4. GENERAL HEALTH: eat a balanced diet, don't smoke and maintain healthy blood
  5. HYPERTENSION: speeds up normal brain shrinkage and loss of mental abilities
  6. STRESS: releases hormone that can waer away the hippocampus neurons

research reveals Alzheimer’s has strong connection with a type 2 diabetes

why do we have to learn about type 2 diabetes? do you want to learn about it? i believe it's a YES!

alright let's do this. it's a known fact that people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are linked with type 2 diabetes

now, to get to root of this problem, let's look at how our body "UNREFINED CARBOHYDRATE"


We are not going to go too deep, just the surface. I want you to have a visage of this concept for quick assimilation. Take a look at the picture above, how will you categorized this group of food? Will you say they are refined, are they the healthy ones?

Now to the other side of the coin “REFINED CARBOHYDRATE"

oh, that’s yummy! Pizza, coke, cake…. I know we all like this stuff. Note, all these contain one form of carbohydrate, but they are refined products and the way the body metabolizes them is quite different. Its’ well unknown that both refined and unrefined carbohydrate have the same basic molecular unit “GLUCOSE”. We are going to discuss how that enter into our body and what happens thereafter. But before then I want to introduce you to “INSULIN”, the important


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