Codeine cough syrup | case study of Nigeria's youth(2)

codiene The quest to end this national plague;the common misuse of cough syrup has began.let's take look at what this substance is in detail. it is a common knowledge that codiene is a cough and cold medicine,many take in form of syrup, although it can be in powder form. mainly purchased behind the counter, and in Nigeria almost anywhere from street drug world chain to popular pharmacies sell these substance in large form.


When cough syrup is taken as directed, they safely treat symptoms caused by colds and flu. but When taken in higher quantities or when you don't have any symptoms, they may affect the brain in ways very similiar to illegal drugs, and can lead to addiction all drugs, including cough and cold medicines, change the way the brain works by changing the way the nerve communicate. nerve cell,called neurons, send message to each other by releasing chemical called neurotransmitters. these neurotransmitters attach to molecules on neurons called receptors.drugs affect this signalling processs.

This is process of denying the brain "ventilation" is similiar to 'hullucination', which means you feel seperated from YOUR body or your enivronment,and they twist the way you think or something or someone. the excessive in-take of codiene if remain un-checked will cause hovoc to the growth and development of nigerian's youth. is this substance addictive? yes! it is, the vitmin keep taking it even if it's causing health or other problem.

short time effect of codiene syrup

  1. loss of concentration
  2. numbness
  3. feeeling sick to the stomach
  4. faster heart beat
  5. vision changes
  6. the feel of false exictment

the misuse of codiene slows down the CNS[central nervous system], which then can slow the heart and lungs. mixing it with alcohol greatly increase the risk.

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