Codeine cough syrup | case study of Nigeria's youth

Codeine cough syrup is causing a plague of addiction across youth in Nigeria. This plague is a serious one, it’s biting everybody up, going from one home to another. If you think you are safe you are not. those hooked risk organ failure and even descent into madness. Many of these addicts takes months and even years in withdrawal syndrome. Addicts are being clapped in chains because syrup has turned them into thugs. We should weep for this nation, especially Nigerian youth, because they don’t even know what they’re doing, they don’t even know what they taking.

It is high time we uncover the crooks, I call on all agencies at all level; journalist, government officials, military personnel to make it a role to expose professionals putting industrial quantities of syrup in Nigeria’s streets. “these products I know if I have one million cartons, I can sell it in a week.”

We would take you into a criminal underworld where pharmaceutical company managers act like drug dealers. Where there are lots of school kids, as soon as they get a taste for it, they keep on demanding for more. Thanks to all anti-drugs squad across Nigeria who have put their lives on the frontline against the war on syrup. The question that keep coming to my mind is “what is the government doing to stop the people behind this?” This drugs are not coming from the moon; they are not coming from under the sea. They are manufactured somewhere. they are transported from one place to another. Are we saying we don’t know? Come on! People all over the world are addicted to cough syrup with codeine. It’s a medicine that has become a street drug.

A sweet, sweet strawberry taste that make you high and hooks you, over time kill you. On the social media you will find hundreds of videos of people high. It’s in America, it’s in south Africa, it’s in my country Nigeria. In just two states the government says 3.0 million bottles are consumed everyday single day. A lot of people don’t know what they are getting into; cough syrup is very addictive, it will you to places you don’t want to go. SAY NO TO COUGH SYRUP.

there is alot of potential in this country,but it is unfornute that our leaders give little attention to the HDI the human development index of our country is facing death, well, our political have lots of credit in making projects,but many of this projects have little of nothing to do with educating and equipping the youth, few month i wrote an article studing to be unemployed | inside nigeria youth ,our politician have forgetten that it by their vote that they are where they are now.

it’s so bad that our government is sending armies of drug agents to destroy syrup, they raid our cities in dead of night. The national drug law and enforcement agency or NDLEA are out on the streets every week in northern Nigeria. Squads of agent ready to take on heavily armed drug gangs. The SWAT team storms steadily on hotel is looking for dealers and users. This cough syrup is usually mixed with soft drinks.

am a young writer, with no political affliation,so am writing with no in mind,apart from those thousands of youths hooked in the chains of this "sweet" substance that kills gradually,siphoning every dime the vitmin. feeling to do one more time,this also applys to any other kind of addiction. the huge[feeling] of satisfing one's pleasure is a global diseas. this forms the foundation of many medical disorders [obesity,diabetes e.t.c]

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