Gambler Like Us | the dark side of sport betting

It’s a goal!!! We win, we lost!! an average African youth love sports especially football; the love for football can be seen everywhere. Almost every African child[male] and sometimes[female] started kicking ball as early as they can walk. This passion for football has led us to victories as far back to the 1960s when Africans countries where in their premodial period of development Now this natural energy has been channeled to something else, something that is killing and draining the little we worked for during the day. This national and even international [other African countries] plague is destroying the poor and making the capitalist richer. The operation of sport betting companies in Nigeria and even Africa at large is as complex operation with an underworld chain. Gone are the days when Nigerian youth watch football for the passion and fun of it without any hope of staking their lives on it.

For many readers that are used to sport especially football these exclamations are not strange! The history of gambling itself in Africa can be traced to 1700 when low class began looking for ways to make extra earning, and thus gambling prove to a way [so they thought] The modern day is far beyond just to make extra money for upkeep; it is now an addiction, in a situation where student use their tuition fee to bet and at the they loss. The massive loss in the game of sport betting is huge on the side of the panthers but little do they know. But this article is written to educate and bring to the knowledge of gamblers especially sport better the mathematics and technology behind what they do. THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN GAMBLING With the advancement of communication technology, it is easy to bet anytime, anywhere just with few click on phone. The introduction of smart phone and it emerging market in third world countries like Nigeria has made things easy for the panthers including sport gambling.

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