How I started Coding | in a third world country

Few years ago, I got struck with an idea of learning how to code, before this period I knew nothing about coding or computer programming. So with my android phone [tecno pop-2]; I started learning how to code online I couldn't find anyone around to teach me. I started my first html mark-up on freecodecamp. began taking part in the tutorials and challenges I then downloaded my first coding app{dcoder} I also watched alot of YouTube videos and pdfs [thanks to the school hotspot].


Gradually things began to unfold as I begin designing simple web pages using only html5,just after few month i dive into complete css3 when i discovered i have to make my designes responsive and attractive[that's the foundation of Modern web designes]. my love for coding grew day by day, now even though i have not tasted any real programming language itself[javascript,query,] or use any framework like[bootstrap,ma terialize e.ts] still i was optimistic keep in mind that a journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. the need to learn coding came to me when i observed that must businesses and companies take their web-base component and data management serious [this approacg has made alot of diffence],must businesses now are online based I believe with the knowledge of computer programming it will open new doors of opportunities and challenges that will aid in achieving my dreams and vision as a business scientist[ I coined this title for myself 2years ago] 'i.e. am hoping to apply my knowledge in sciences and all other field of life into creating a team that will provide and meet global demands especailly in agriculture and medicine and importantly e-learning'.

now have alomost perfected front-end technologies, including html5,css3,javascript and used framework like bootstrap, node.js, owl carousel,jquery. this article was wriiten primarily to inspire youngster regardless of race,religion,nationality you can do whatever you put your mind into, if you are passionate about that thing go for it, i must say it will be challenging. there were many times when o fell giving up, but beacause am doing this not beacause someone is forcing me to it. i decided to dive into this,becouse i love it. this believe has kept me going...

So, it’s been few years now since I started coding,my work as a young emerging entrepreneur and leader… Am also interested in public speaking which I will do occasionally when given the chance to advice coming generation into tapping into their God given talent and skills……no body is a dummy[although some think they are] we all have the chances to make great impact this world no matter how small it is.

Looking into the future, all I see is great impact, life changing works am so excited and hoping to get their there soon….

As regards to what others think, computer programming has little to do with formal education, you do not require a university degree to start it, all that is required is your curiosity,confidence and courage to start coding

so coding is for anyone regardless of what you are studying computer programming is the language of the future just as you learn how to write so that can nderstand what you read you don’t need a scribe or sort of expert to that for you [this how done until 1400] now,that you know how to read that has brought you so much knowledge and helped & kept you from ignorance and illiteracy…SO is the need to learn computer are an artist, baller, lecturer ,teacher or anything at all, this apply especially to student; the course you study In the university may have nothing to do with your future career. Discover what you enjoy doing and spend quality time doing it, beacause you will spend the rest of your life in it…

So computer programming and web development has become an added advantage for me…how do I get started? If this is the question bothering you then I ask, do you have an android phone?

Then you can start, do you have a computer then you are ready. Remember you cannot know it all,this is a very broad industry; ask goooooooogle go to YouTube and download videos on computer language you can’t finish all the videos online and it enough for you to get started. The demands for computer programmer is increasing greatly as many start-ups are moving to online, businesses are This is a very great moment at the history of humanity, where technology is taking over and eating up every strata of the society. Things that once require the use of hand and was manually done is now automated, with great precision and efficiency.