What You Don't About Modelling | inside the industry

“the garden with the different varieties of flowers is the most beautiful” Why this topic?
As a young writer have been writing and analyzing issues pertaining to teenager and young adult especially age 16-28, This age bracket is a very sensitivity period and that is why believe many of those reading this article fall into this category. So, recently I got interested in the model industry, I spent months studying the entries of this unique industry that is absorbing many of our youth and growing at an expontial rate.

Through my short but extensive study I was flabbergasted(stun) by what I read, saw, heard and observed I was left with no option but to put it in writing and spread these findings as far as the end of the world, to reach out to youngster especially thousands that are hoping to enter into this industry. To be aware of what await them. Yes, what I observed were not one sided, it like a two face coin.

It important for me to note that modelling is a wonderful profession if and only if the reason Charles Fredrick establish it was in place. The modern day modelling and its component has metamorphosed into something different from the original. That is the reason why months studying this, to bring the unknown side of this industry, to educate, and bring to our notice what needs to be done and safe our models and potentials models from standardized bondage and I also wish to see new generation of models all across race, country, shape and size display to people what a wonderful specie we are.

Who are models? I strongly believe the word “modelling” is not new to many of my reader. Ok, let me guess you are probably interested in modelling or model or you are something that intrigue you about what models do or I may be fortunate to guess that you are a model yourself. Join me as I bring to light the dark and light behind the glamour Before we go into the deal of the day let’s get to know the historical background behind this profession. Like many other professions, ‘modelling’ as evolved from what it was and created for to a new concept, around the world the modern day modelling is advanced far from what models of 18th and even 19th century model did…

models and the art of modeling the 21th is more than just being a beautiful “young” attractive lady with the “right” body size. Yes, in this modern modelling you need the right size or ease you are tagged as unfit (over size/extras), we would come that later. “modelling as a profession was first established in 1853 by Charles Frederick worth, the ‘father of houte couture’, when he asked his wife, Marie vernet worth, to model the clothes he designed. There was no standard physical measurement requirement for model”

Note the original intention of Charles Fredrick, to model the clothe he designed through his wife and there is no physical measurement for a model. This will be bringing us later to the idea behind modern day beauty. The modern day model industries have standards, I mean “rigid ones”, it is either you shape up of fall out. …. with the development of fashion photography, the modelling profession expanded to photo modelling.

This will bring us to what I call “engineered beauty” With the advent of computer technology, sophisticated computer can now make any changes that were for decades impossible. All part of the body can be edited and refined to the desired look. Apart from the fact that most models are under paid they are now susceptible to the prey of “agencies”; oh, forget my ignorance, who are this agency?

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