step-by-step method of frying groundnut


It’s a common experience that students are constantly faced with the challenges of financial bankruptcy, well, it is not that we lack the knowledge of savings or financial management. Just that no matter how much you are given as an allowance you can still end-up in want, even lacking the inability to purchase basic needs like food…

As a student in any university, college or polytechnic you have wide range of opportunities at your disposal, among which is to venture into a small-scale business, most of these businesses requires no technical knowledge or high level of skills. All that is required is burning desire to succeed, and marketing skills, which I believe everyone has. Someone once said “poverty is a disease”, you probably must have come to that period in your life when you have nothing[cash] and if you receive your allowance at the end of the month as a student, then you probably will be living in fear if at the mid-month the allowance finished.

I believe you are tired of living from hand-to-mouth and probably that was what propel you to search the internet for solution; you made the right, I want you to stay with me, as I share my personal experience from a “poor student” to a “comfortable student”, with this you basically don’t have to wait till your parent or guardian send allowance before eating and occasionally you can buy something to reward your hard work. Firstly, you have varieties of business you can dive into; among which is GROUNDNUT BUSINESS. Don’t murmur let me be clear, of all the business I ever venture into this one gave me 100% profit.


Groundnut especially roasted bottle groundnut is a very profitable business. Consumed by everyone, both the upper, middle and lower-class citizens, the poor and the rich enjoy the goodness of a well-prepared groundnut. Groundnut can be taken In different form, in the eastern part of Nigeria it’s common to eat groundnut with garden egg[delicious!], the northerners have groundnut soup and commonly roasted groundnut is taken along with garri; don’t tell me you don’t understand what am saying or are you asking me what is garri? I will assume there Is no such question. Now, let me show you the step-by-step method of preparing a nice bottle groundnut, at the end of this article I believe you will be motivated to take the bold step.


I must note here that the method am about to share here is not exclusive, you may choose different method and still arrived at the same result. With a minimum of #5,000-#10,000 you can kick start this business. So, you should get the following;

  • Groundnut: the choice of groundnut depends on your location, although I will recommend the bigger nut. Make sure you buy the one without black striation(lines) on it. Another advantage of groundnut is that it’s readily available throughout the year. The price depends on season, location but it should not be more than #330-#370 per tier, for a start you can start with with 2-3 tier. The groundnut should be fresh and un-broken as this will affect the beauty and taste later.
  • Kitchen utensils: to save your capital if you have these things, use it. But if you don’t then buy, these utensils are very important they include; frying pan, turning spoon, medium size sieve, flat tray etc. at most together you may spend up to #2000-#3000.
  • Others: depending on the method you use, but may need salt, ash, smooth sand or garri.


Once STEP 1 is done, boil about 3L of water, depending on the size you want to prepare, but make sure the water you boil will immersed the groundnut, pour the boiled water on the groundnut that is in a bucket, add little quantity of salt[this will give it a nice taste] and turn. leave the soaked groundnut for about 10-15minutes. Drain the water and dry in sun, while drying you may sprinkle little salt on the groundnut, leave it to dry for at least 6 hours in a hot sun, remove the groundnut from the sun and keep in a room temperature(shadow) over night.


To roast the groundnut, there are 3-4 methods you can use, these include;

  • Use of ashes: some people use ash to roast the groundnut, this method is an old method, and ashes may not be readily available. Personally, I don’t recommend the use of ashes.
  • Use of smooth sand: smooth sand can be used, also I don’t recommend this method. Most at times the groundnut end having stones in it. Imagine eating groundnut with stone, it will ruin the taste and perception about your groundnut. You should aim to attract a lasting impression about your products with your customers.
  • Use of salt: this method is a common one. The of use makes the groundnut taste good and because salt is a good dehydrating agent it will absorb very water left in the groundnut and this will give the groundnut ability to crunch. Personally, this is the method I use to prepare my groundnut. But on the other hand, you may have customers that do not want salt in their groundnut, in this case use the either ashes or sand.

pour the roasting agent either ash, sand or salt [most preferred] in an empty dry frying pan. Wait till it get hot, the source of fire does not really matter but make sure use a source you can easily control, remember it’s roasting, so you don’t need very hot fire, if not the groundnut will end up burning and trust me no one want a burnt groundnut. add small quantity of the groundnut and keep turning[continuously], this is a very crucial stage. And if you are not careful the groundnut may end-up undone or burnt. So, keep turning until the groundnut turns brown, you may take one nut and try to pill the shell. This may last for about 20-30minutes.


Once you are done roasting, pack it out with your sieve [medium size], turn the groundnut on a flat tray and allow it to cool for about 5-10minute.Now your groundnut is almost readily, if you want to make it look attractive, pill the shell carefully, try not to break the nut [bottle groundnut looks better unbroken] it will also attract reasonable cash. After pilling the shell, now it is left for you to determine how you are going to sell it.


To make your groundnut attractive, packaging is very important, so get a transparent [clean]bottle and fill the groundnut, the advantage is that the groundnut can be preserved, it will last for as long as 3 months if properly saved.

Also, each bottle 150ml cost #350-#500 depending your location. Make different size of it, this will widen your possible customer from student to working class citizens. If you can make a label, I recommend you should. this will make your product unique from others. Also sell with discount since you are just starting you will attract customers if others sell theirs #500/bottle, make yours #450, this will go a long to attract customers, not only is your groundnut tasting better, it’s also cheaper. As I send in my introduction, groundnut business is 100% profit turns, i.e. if a you start with a capital of #10k, you should expect #20k or more if every other thing remains constant.

Conclusion, I believe most of what you need to start GROUNDNUT BUSINESS, was covered here, so if truly you are tired of poverty, I encourage you to start this business. And make sure you come back and share your experience with our readers.