Sperm Race | a journey of life and death (part 1)



Everyday around 350babies are born, each of them unique a few months ago this baby didn’t exist and the story of how it came is against impossible odds and is extraordinary

This is the moment of conception when one single sperm fertilized the mothers egg if another has gotten there this baby wouldn’t be formed. So, what makes that winning sperm so special? Why did it succeed out of the millions of others? To find out we would take you to the epic Journey of the sperm and how it got to the human body and we would do it by scaling up the whole thing to the size of human(34m)

For the 1st time we should be able to appreciate what an extra-ordinary journey a sperm faces as they try to reach the egg, it is one of nature spectacular story and this is the reason we are alive. The sperm will face death at every point. There is no going back, no surrender and there is only one winner and occasionally two or three share the prize(egg).

Meet Mr. john like most average man, john as no idea about the miracle and engineering within his pant. John’s testicle hanging slightly 3degree cooler than the rest of the body, are producing a 1000 sperm within every heartbeat. And it in this tiny world of genetic activity that fascinate the world of reproductive science.

|picture-of-sperm “sperm are really quite unique because they are like free living cell and have life. They have one aim to deliver the genetic load of the male to the female through series of complex environment in both the male and female reproductive tract…and the fact that its occurring in the microscopic level means that as a scientist there Is great difficulty in studying them….”

(Dr. Allen Pacey, sperm expert university of Sheffield). A sperm is just 500nm long to make it easier for this study we would scale it up to the size of human(34m) Now, we asked our experts in Our people sized sperm world, what would a testicle look like?

Dr. Allan “the testicle is a round-like structure if you cut it into half and place it under a microscope, we would see series of tubules u might liken to the floor of building. If you take a sperm, you might liken it to a building with a 100m3

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