The Strange Lady

Now that the government said school resume, I remember an incident that happened one faithful morning along the pavement to the college. So this young lady(probably in her first year) just few steps ahead of me( or did I choose to remind behind? Maybe not)…. she has earpiece plugged into her auricle(ear), when she noticed someone walking benhind her-(for those that have seen me walk).I run-walk always on the go, especially on Monday morning, the front sit guy(although if am late mama[a friend] will reserve sit) I should have walked pass her, but I didn’t ( I still wonder why I didn’t) then suddenly she spread her upper limbs(arms) and behold….

From no-where this young(naive), mysterious lady started alternating her gluteus(buttock). Ahhhhh…watin happened? i thought… is She in sync with the music she was listening to? or is it a trap? Well, you shouldn’t put the blame on me for thinking of it as a trap. “it is the man wearing the slippers that know where it’s itching him”. I know what my ears and eyes have seen and heard…

Then quickly in succession, I began making calculations. If you must know it was the previous week that we started learning lower limb,the course instructor was DR. Anderson(lecturer) …..he did his best or so we thought… this man came to class one day and in 5minutes finished brachial plexus(a tpic that should have lasted atleast 1 hour). ahhh, oga calm down.... i thanks to Mr.Ralox(my favorite lecturer) who save us from the stress of cramming. Anderson: ……walks into the hall, so listen everyone, I have finished compiling your lower limbs test. The hall’s temperature suddenly increases from the normal 23deg to probably 30deg…. heart-beats skyrocketed from the usual 80/120mmhg to maybe 100/150mmhg. why does he have to come to class and announce the result,in front of everyone? i heard someone say: "we no dey secondary school abeg..." another one answered:" ooo boy my babe, no go think say a be dummy?". For those that know how college of medicine works your first C.A score in anatomy, especially gross anatomy is the determining factor. A course with 5-unit(the main abductor of the whole CGPA). if you fail you either have to summon the courage to try again or do CoC( change of course) to either human kinetics(if you have the body and physical strength) or anything else in pure and life science, better still ‘education’ may be good.

So, with this in mind, I began seeing something strange in this tall fair slim lady, I was perplexed, dumbfounded what is this? How can a “beautiful” lady (depending on your definition of “beauty”, to me every female is “beautiful”)…I was Gripped with fear( or should I say ‘confusion’?).I remembered what the holy book says ‘proud fools talk too much; the words of the wise protect them’. because I was in hurry to go safe my special sit…. I just walked pass (well, overtaking is allowed). trust me I couldn’t look back. What happened to Lot's wife won’t happened to me, In this case I may not turn to pillar of salt(NaCl) but maybe to something more solid like pillar of limestone.